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Successful Information Systems implementations have one thing in common - consistent, reasonably detailed and at the same time realistic planning, well adjusted processes and efficient communication between business and IT.

Project management is a process of planning, co-ordination and control of tasks and sources to achieve the defined objective, usually within a set time, with defined sources and limited finances. Besides this, the project management is a system of work organisation that basically differs e.g. from the line or matrix management, because - it is mainly oriented towards the results and outputs, not on the actual course - it has a time limit and temporary compound sources. The project is specific mainly because it is unique and it is subject to changes. It means that before its initiation I can never one hundred per cent take into account that it will proceed according to primary settings.

We offer expert cooperation in the areas that could be very problematic. My characterization of the areas and procedures:

Communication: according to my personal experience, all problems concerning the projects are caused by insufficient communication. Improvement or even the actual start of communication is the first step I always deal with in the projects

Processes: the second typical area of my activity is correct adjustment of processes, which brings stabilization and credibility to the course of the project, and enables feasible planning and direct usage of available sources. It is always necessary to define the processes, monitor them, evaluate and optimize them. Unification of aspects (monitoring) forms an important element even in cases of searching for alternative solutions and breakdowns (failure to perform the plan, rollback scenarios, etc.)

Interface: communication and processes may proceed by the help of certain "alternative" solutions, but always for a necessary long period of time (generally at the start of the project). Only their stabilization and formalization brings the effectiveness

Audits: an audit as an instrument of revision of present conditions and/or directions (speed and price), which the project or the program proceeds. This could be communication, processes in general, supplies, usage of sources, functionality of systems in different areas, and other. Characteristic content includes the detection of dependence on causes, determination of impact and solution proposal, how to avoid or reduce this impact